Manx Grand Prix Race Guide Lightweight


Grand Prix 250cc 2-strokes. The ultimate racing motorcycle. The result of six decades of evolution and the perfect mix of power, light weight, stiffness and precision. But it takes real skill to to extract top performance, from both rider and mechanic.

In fact, they're arguably the most fickle of all the machines at the Manx Grand Prix, requiring real expertise to put together. Sadly, with the demise of the 250cc class in the World Championship in 2009 followed by the cessation of the 125cc class in 2011, it's knowledge that is slowly being lost.

Fortunately, for those that yearn for powerbands, plug chops and jetting, the Mountain Course still reverberates to the sound and smells of the 250cc 2-strokes in the Dunlop Lightweight Race. And for those of a more modern taste, it's also the home for Moto3 machinery from 2022.



Race Dunlop Lightweight
Race Distance 4 laps / 150.92mi (242.88km)
Lap Record James Hind, Yamaha TZ250 - 116.453mph / 19m26.453s
Race Record Richard Quayle, Honda RS250 - 112.710mph / 1h20m20.10s
Number Board Green backgrounds with white numbers
Manufacturers Honda, Yamaha